3 Reasons Why You Can’t Move On

Moving on after a breakup is a hard process. You cannot simply erase the memories you had with your ex, making it difficult to get over him. However, if you have broken up with him for several years and you still cannot let go, the fault may lie in you. Here are the reasons why this is happening to you.

1. You Still Dream Of A Happy Ending With Him

Wishing for a happy ending in any relationship is normal. However, as with all things, there is a limitation to this. Hoping that your ex will get back with you even after years of no communication is just plain wrong. This hurts your chances of meeting another great guy; hence you are holding yourself back from getting over him.

2. You See Him All The Time/ Keep Reminders Of Him

How will you forget about him when all you do is see him every day, or patronize about him when you are all alone? To get over him completely, avoid seeing him. Get rid of all the things that will remind you of him. If you want to keep the mementos just for the hell of it, store it in a box, and put the thing on the corner of your cabinet where you will never have to gaze at it again.

3. You Insert Him In Every Conversation

He may not be physically present, but talking about him to your friends and family keeps the memory alive. To remedy this, ask your friends to scold you whenever you start talking about your ex. This will prevent you from inserting his name from every conversation you are having, thus eliminating him from your mind.
Getting over your ex may take time, but if you have given yourself the opportunity to do this, and still to no avail, you may be doing something to hurt your chances of succeeding. Review your behavior. If you fall under one of the above, you are definitely not doing it right.

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