How to Small Changes Improve Productivity and Happiness

There are a lot of people out there that hotly debate if multitasking is beneficial or detrimental to productivity. Some people will argue that multitasking is an easy way to get more tasks done and therefore helps with overall efficiency and productivity. Other’s out there argue that multi tasking is actually a bad practice to get into because it can hurt productivity. So which is it?

The reality of most situations is that multitasking has to be balanced out with the context of the situation. In many scenarios, multitasking can in fact be a terrible impact on productivity because doing a lot of things at one can make focusing difficult and the quality of work can decrease. Multi tasking is very dangerous in that way because if the quality of work depreciates because of multitasking, then at the end of the day you are just hurting productivity. But, on the other hand, multi tasking can also be a powerful tool to improve productivity. If you are able to find small changes or habits that allow you to multi tasks without losing focus or quality of work, then multitasking can dramatically increase your productivity and efficiency. One good way to multi task, for example, is to pack your car full of useful tools and gadgets that let you multitask in simple ways. You can get a quality, sturdy phone charger, for example, or a set of hands-free bluetooth adaptors that will let you talk on the phone while in the car. These are simple changes but they can have useful impacts. Check out these Groupon Coupons for Abt, there are lots of electronics and tools that can help you improve productivity. At the end of the day, productivity and efficiency lets you concentrate and spend more time on what matters most. Productivity and efficiency are important elements of life to focus on, but it’s key to do it with the right balance. An obsession with productivity can hurt the quality of work and be counter-intuitive. Find the right balance and watch your productivity get in the perfect rhythm. That peace of mind is essential for happiness and, in that way, by making small changes you can find ways to impact your life.

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