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Hat, Scarf and Gloves are Great Combo


OK, so you’ve got the dream coat sorted; now to accessorize. More often than not, these items are afterthoughts, cobbled together from Christmas presents and impulse sale buys. But match them correctly and it can really make your entire outfit pop. Pick a common colour scheme It’s so often done with the outfit underneath, but […] Read more…

How to Dress Like a Celebrity without Spending Big Bucks


You should have a skilled makeup artist and fashion specialists to attain the look of your favorite super star. But, you must know that you certainly can do it without needing to spend a great deal amount of money. If you want to have that celebrity swagger, you may want to follow these simple fashion […] Read more…

Fashion Mistakes That Should Never, Even Be Committed


Sometimes you find yourself people-watching, maybe outside a cafe or sat in the park, and thinking very quietly to yourself, “how did that person dress themselves this morning in that way?”. I know, it’s shallow and judgmental to think that, but sometimes being judgmental and shallow is fun, and here’s a few of the faux […] Read more…