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When Hot Flashes Strikes


Hot flashes commonly occur during the menopausal stage of a woman’s life. It is characterized by a faster heart beat, warmth in the body, reddening of the face plus so much more. More often than not, it leads to irritation and can sometimes alter the quality of life of a person. When it strikes, here […] Read more…

A Deadly Headache-Migraine


Do you have an unusual headache that sometimes disturbs your routine life? If yes, it is crucial for you to know about migraine. Migraine is a severe form of headache that is characterized by sensory hyperactivity, blind spots, nausea, vomiting and pulsating pain. Migraine sometimes frequently attacks, thrice in a week and sometimes rarely attacks, […] Read more…

Basic Diet and Nutrition Importance


Dieting involves the food you eat, while nutrition on the other hand is the way of nurturing our body properly. Having a healthy diet regiment and nutrition is your best method to have good health. Below are some of the food you have to consume in order to have a healthy nutrition and diet: Foods […] Read more…

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