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3 Reasons Why You Can’t Move On


Moving on after a breakup is a hard process. You cannot simply erase the memories you had with your ex, making it difficult to get over him. However, if you have broken up with him for several years and you still cannot let go, the fault may lie in you. Here are the reasons why […] Read more…

Too Much Facebook Can Cause Relationships to End


It might be difficult to believe how the internet can be possibly dangerous to your relationship; but there are a lot of researches that are starting to show this can be the case. There are more and more relationships ending because of social media usage, particularly, Facebook. So how does it happen? Here are some […] Read more…

3 Kinds of People You Need in Life


I wouldn’t be the same person that I am right now without a lot of people who have with me throughout my existence. Every one of them has put in a new aspect to my emotions, my understanding, my views, and my worth. I’ve been blessed with a beautiful family and set of friends, but […] Read more…

How to Forgive Anyone for Anything


In order to really forgive someone, we have to undergo the process of knowing what really happened. Keeping yourself in blame for something you have done before, or hating somebody else for doing something to you is a critical situation that needs a quick fix. Regardless of what you did, regardless of what someone has […] Read more…

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