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Must Have Gadgets for Traveling


Any proud techno geek is not going to leave home without carrying these essential travel gadgets in their bag. This is because regardless of wherever you are, you want to enjoy some of your free time and these gadgets can also be stress reliever! So these travel accessories are what you don’t want to leave […] Read more…

E-Cigarettes: A Different Way of Smoking


Electronic cigarettes or e-cigarettes for short are battery-powered devices filled with liquid nicotine (highly addictive chemical) which has a similar feel to tobacco smoking. It look like real cigarettes, which white cylindrical tube, brown filter and red-glowing tip, while others come in darker colors. Unlike real cigarettes, the e-cigarettes don’t produce smoke but rather an […] Read more…

Why We Need More Playgrounds and Less Consoles

video games

Are you having trouble detaching yourself from playing Xbox games? The continuous pacey noise of the controller buttons could be pretty trying. But it’s not the only thing that’s wrong with the well-known technological phenomena called the game consoles and portable gadgets and. Where high-tech developments have carried so much convenience into our lives, they’ve […] Read more…